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Ukrainian Foreign Minister visits Ukrainian ship Presviata Pokrova within framework of his stay in Gdansk, Poland
31.08.2005 | 11:53

Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk visited the Ukrainian ship Presviata Pokrova (Holy Mother's Cover) within the framework of his stay in Gdansk, Poland.

The Presviata Pokrova was built in 1991 by a group of enthusiasts. It is the only Ukrainian ship, which is a replica of the Cossack boat "Chaika" (Sea Gull).

The Ukrainian "Chaika" is in the Baltic Sea, near Gdansk, on the invitation from leader of the "Solidarity" Movement and former Polish President Lech Walesa within the framework of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the independent Trade Union Association.

The Foreign Minister made a tour of the boat and communicated with the crew.


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