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Economics Ministry: Gov't determines that increase in payment for paid services in the system of education should not exceed inflation
13.08.2009 | 12:46
Press service of Ministry of Economics

The Govt has determined that increase in payment for providing paid services in the system of education in 2009-2010 academic year should not exceed an officially determined inflation level over the previous calendar year.

It is contained in the approved today during the Governmental session resolution On improvement of a mechanism of regulation of payment of services in educational area. The document has been elaborated by the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine.

On the results of checks conducted by the State Price Inspection of the Ministry of Economics significant deviation of levels of payment for study in higher educational institutions within the regions and certain higher educational institutions has been fixed (from UAH 1.7 to 10.2 thousand), which cannot be explained by differences in the educational process but proves insufficient economic grounding of such payment.

Absence of a transparent mechanism of regulation of prices in the process of forming of payment for education by the state educational institutions entails the situation that determination of cost for students not included into the state order (studying on the contract basis) is carried out taking into account economically ungrounded expenses, which increases the sum of such paid service up to 40% for internal studies and up to 200% for correspondence education.

In particular, cost of education on the contract basis groundlessly included expenses for major repairs in full amount (instead of including such expenses only in case of demolishing of buildings, constructions etc.), expenses for payment of scholarship, purchase of land etc.

The Economics Minister of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn stressed: The main result of realization of provisions of the Resolution will become introduction of economically grounded payment for services which can be provided by the state educational institutions. Also this decision will facilitate curbing of inflation processes in the social area.

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