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To prevent ecological catastrophe Solotvyno salt mine to be closed
05.03.2013 | 18:19

With an aim to prevent ecologic catastrophe Solotvyno salt mine will be closed. A respective decision was adopted during a session of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 4, 2013.

It should be noted that on the territories of mine workings of the Solotvyno salt mine state enterprise an emergency situation appeared – uncontrolled process of flooding of mines is on there.

Conclusions drawn by scientists who were studying the problem are undeniable: further exploitation of salt resources of the salt mine and rendering services by the allergological hospital in the current situation appears impossible, so it is dangerous to continue activity of the enterprise.

With an aim to prevent emerging catastrophes and possible victims a decision was approved to liquidate the Solotvyno salt mine state enterprise located in Tyachivsky area of Zakarpattya region.

For liquidation and ecologic rehabilitation of the territory of the affected mining works of the Solotvyno salt mine UAH 339 mln will be spent, preliminary duration of works is 7 years.

In such a way the Government has adopted a decision to settle the protracted and dangerous situation.

Solotvyno salt mine is a unique deposit where a unique microclimate is used for curing patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases. In the chambers 300 metres below ground dozens thousands patients were receiving treatment. The salt mine is considered to be the best in Europe and on the conclusions of international councils recovery is the most effective here. But during 1998 – 2007 exploitation of mine workings of the Solotvyno mine is being fulfilled in the emergency regime and from 2007 the extraction works were ceased in fact. Record flooding of groundwater and the active development of technogenic karst have led to significant worsening of the surrounding environment and security breaches of industrial and residential objects of Solotvyno village. Through uncontrolled landslide geological processes on the territory of the salt mine in the dangerous zone appeared 292 residential houses where over 1255 live, 2 compulsory schools, kindergardens, a local hospital and polyclinics, waterway, power lines, gas pipes and parts of roads.

On implementation of a commission of the President of Ukraine of November 19, 2010 with regards to regulating the situation which emerged in the Solotvyno salt mine state enterprise, preserving allergological hospitals which are functioning in the underground workings of the salt mines of this enterprise and preventing technogenic catastrophe in Solotvyno village there was elaborated a plan of measured directed to prevention technogenic catastrophe and resettlement of people who reside in the zone of possible deformation of ground surface.

For holding the first turn of a complex of urgent measures the Government approved a resolution of March 30, 2011 and allocated funds from the reserve fund of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. There was built a housing estate in Tereblya village and a complex of necessary works fulfilled.

In 2012 building of the complex for resettlement of residents of the village was continued: with a resolution of June 25, 2012 the Cabinet of Ministers envisaged allotment of funds to the tune of UAH 7.8 mln to Zakarpattya regional state administration. As of January 1, 2013 the readiness of construction objects of the housing estate and infrastructure makes up almost 85%. It is planned to finish these activities by the end of year.  

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