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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Position of Deputy Minister for European Integration is to be established in each ministry
27.05.2014 | 11:28

There will be established a post of Deputy Minister for European integration in each ministry, which will be taken by a specialist from the European Union whose responsibility is to assist to implement the Agreement with the EU. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed during the session of the Government on Tuesday, May 27.

We have set up a supporting group in synergy with our European partners. Each ministry will have a specialist from the European Union who will deal with rendering assistance to Ukraine in the direction of implementation of the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, helping us to approach the European Union and European standards, the Head of Government said.

He informed a dedicated post of Deputy Minister for European Integration Affairs was to be established in each ministry.

The focal point will be at the Cabinet of Ministers, this issue will be supervised by Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers for European integration, the Prime Minister added.

Each reform crucial for the country and corresponding with the European standard will be implemented by the ministries and it is the topmost task, Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted.

Moreover, the Head of Government informed that the Governmental session would deal with considering the state budget for 2015 and execution of the current state budget.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed, that under the present conditions standard economic development approaches in the country appeared non-efficient. According to him, this topic was raised during a broad meeting on May 26 dedicated to considering 2015 budget issues.

He continued standard bureaucratic approaches, having been applied in Ukraine throughout 23 years in the direction of modernization of Ukraines economy, went as far as there isnt economy left.

The Head of Government informed he had set relevant tasks to the Ministry of Economic Development and profile ministries. He added the situation with proper funding is complicated, but under control. Arseniy Yatsenyuk explained a decision had been taken in synergy with the Finance Ministry to provide payments along unprotected articles of state and local budgets.

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the sum of UAH 2.5 billion will be distributed among local budgets: Throughout recent three months the situation has been extremely difficult and still remains difficult nowadays, but we have found certain resource provided by our international financial donors.

The Head of Government appealed to the heads of regional state administrations and heads of regional centers who participate in teleconferences during Governmental sessions: I am aware you have accumulated a pile of transfer orders, so we have approved a decision to help to the local communities.

Moreover, the PM informed that the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine had been set up and on June 2 it should report on its activity. According to him, the mentioned report should contain, in particular, combating tax holes, corruption on customs, the directions of work between tax service bodies and business structures, with regards to coordination of our positions and transparency of the taken decisions.

Aftermath we will take relevant decisions, including the cadre ones, Arseniy Yatsenyuk summed up.


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