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PM: Humanitarian assistance to Ukraine can be provided only through the Red Cross
13.08.2014 | 13:06
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

"Ukraine can accept any kind of humanitarian aid solely within international law and solely from the Red Cross", Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a Cabinets meeting on Wednesday, August 13.

"The level of Russian cynicism has no boundaries. First, they supply tanks, Grads, terrorists, bandits who shoot Ukrainians, and then they supply water and salt," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He said that together with international partners it was collected about $ 6 million to the Aid fund, managed by the UN High Commissioner. "We as the Government of Ukraine along with the President of Ukraine supply essential goods in all the liberated territories. We as the Ukrainian state have provided and are able to provide their citizens. Therefore, the Government allocates additional UAH 10 million for the purchase of essential goods," underlined the Prime Minister.

He also instructed the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs under the leadership of Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman to form one more convoy to pass on essential goods onto the corresponding territories. Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that 270 tons of aid has been already delivered to these areas.

"I separately appeal to the Red Cross to make these loads reach people. As the territories are controlled by Russia-backed terrorists, it would be better that they sent empty KAMAZ trucks, Russians, took their bandits back, and then there will be no need to send humanitarian aid", stressed Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The meeting has been started with a minute of silence of the Government for the dead during the anti-terrorist operation. Today, the funeral of Mykola Berezovyi, the husband of our Head of Governments National Anti-Corruption Committee, takes place. "Mykola Berezovyi our Tatiana Chornovols husband - was killed in battle, as hundreds of Ukrainian heroes who are defending our country and independence," noted the Prime Minister, informing that the funeral is attended by a governmental delegation.

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