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Information on measures taken by the Government of Ukraine in the areas of security and defense
26.09.2014 | 13:09
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

The Cabinet of Ministers reports that, pursuing a decree of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine, through April - September of the current year, including the decision of 28 August 2014 "About urgent measures for protection of Ukraine and strengthening of its defense capability", enacted by the decree of President of Ukraine of September 24, 2014, it adopted a number of measures in the sphere of security and defense. In particular:

1. Measures on deepening cooperation of Ukraine with the EU and NATO

From March 2014, face to face with the aggression of the Russian Federation, the Government of Ukraine has intensified a political dialogue with leading countries of the European Union and the world. Due to the negotiations with the states being guarantors of Ukraines security, the Government has managed, instead of turning the conflict in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine into an internal civil conflict of our country, to make it a key security issue within the region. This Government's position has contributed in reaching the Geneva Accords, which created the framework conditions for de-escalating the situation around Ukraine and prevented direct invasion of the Russian troops.

On August 29 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved and submitted to Parliament a bill "On amendments to several laws of Ukraine on ensuring sovereignty and protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which stipulates for the abolition of a non-alignement status of Ukraine and fixes at the legislative level the invariability of European integration course; it also contains certain legislative prerequisites to ensure integration of Ukraine into the Euro-Atlantic security area. The Government stresses that the objective of Ukraine is the status of a particular NATO partner and NATO membership in the short term.

2. Material support of the armed forces officers and other members of the ATO

For the first time during independence years, Ukraine has faced military aggression. Despite the devastating financial crisis, in 2014 the Government has increased expenses on defense and security by UAH 18.5 million, which exceeds by 40.7 percent the expenses of the previous year. Thus, the Government provided financially implementation of the NSDC decision on anti-terrorist operations.

At a session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 30, 2014 the Ministry of Defense was instructed to urgently revise the supply system of the Armed Forces, in particular, nutrition and order of delivery of material means taking into account the practical experience gained during the antiterrorist operation. To execute the order, the nutritional standards for ATO participants have been doubled.

Throughout the whole period of ATO each regular and special meeting of the Government concerned the needs of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and other law enforcement agencies. These material needs received relevant financing.

With a resolution of the Government called to ensure the armys needs, on April 1 there started placement of government securities. By September 2014, the Oshchadbank institutions have sold treasury bonds worth UAH 150 million.

From August 2014, there has been established a military tax on the temporary basis. It afforded during the first month to accumulate additional UAH 300 million in the state budget.

With the relevant Act the Government has stirred up and simplified the transfer of military equipment, weapons and ammunition among the law enforcement agencies.

On July 1, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Governments initiatives concerning amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine, which temporarily, for the ATO period, are exempt from VAT on the import and supply on the customs territory of Ukraine of special personal protective equipment (helmets, liners, body armors); medicines and medical devices.

The Government has elaborated bills "On the design and production of weaponry, military and special equipment and About military-technical cooperation".

The government has designed and the Verkhovna Rada approved the Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine on simplification of import of defence goods" and the Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on the exemption from taxation of defence products", which significantly simplify the importation of military purpose goods. On September 2, 2014 the mentioned laws were signed by the President and came in force.

3. Political and economic measures aimed at cessation of Russian aggression against Ukraine

On March 13, the pro-government coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, on conditions of endangering to the territorial integrity of Ukraine and discrediting the internal forces during the Revolution of dignity, approved the Law "On the National Guard. Understanding the importance of immediate solving the issues of the defense of the state, the Government allocated from the Reserve Fund of the state budget almost UAH 7 billion.

Pursuant to the approved by the Parliament, on the initiative of the Government, the law of Ukraine "On sanctions" on August 12, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted and submitted for consideration by NSDC the propositions on the use of special personal economic and other restrictive measures to 209 legal entities and over 1000 individuals involved in the support of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

4. Social guarantees and financial support of ATO participants

By Resolution 413 the Government approved the the procedure for granting the status of combatant persons who are directly engaged in counter-terrorism operations.

The decree of the Government doubled the salary of ATO participants (Resolution 158 of 4 May). The same payment is also saved for people who are treated after combat mission execution in the ATO area.

The government's decision (Order 729-p of 13 August and Resolution 476 of 23 September) allocated almost UAH 29 million for the purchase of apartments for the families who were left without a breadwinner.

To carry out social welfare and rehabilitation of ATO participants, the Government established the State Service for Veterans, People with Disabilities and Participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO).

5. Security and protection of the State Border

To implement the orders of the Prime Minister, it was created a draft presidential decree On the demarcation of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

On September 3, an Action Plan "Recovery for Ukraine" was presented at the meeting of the Government. In the framework of the Plan it has been launched a project "The Wall". Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that it is a complete re-equipment of the state border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Government has already allocated UAH 100 million for this project.

On September 17, the Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decree "On approval of the action plan for building of Ukrainian-Russian border and administrative border with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea."

In order to ensure public safety, the Government suspended the movement in 16 out of 65 existing checkpoints at Ukrainian-Russian state border.

6. Measures in the field of cyber security and the protection of information space

In September, the Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine submitted to the Cabinet a draft Law of Ukraine On basic principles of ensuring cyber security of Ukraine. It was also submitted to the Government a draft decree "On approval of the programme of state information resources protection from unlawful interference in their activities."

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft presidential decree On the Ukraines Cyber Security Strategy and submitted it to the President of Ukraine.




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