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Ostap Semerak told how the Government tries to deprive country of gas dependence
09.10.2014 | 18:45
Press service of Minister of Cabinet of Ministers

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak in an interview with the news agency "Glavkom" told how the Government is trying to reduce the country’s gas dependence. In particular, the Minister said, "When we talk about Ukraine's energy strategy, the Government has taken several steps to prepare the economy of our country for the winter. We have diversified the supply market, we have taken measures to improve energy efficiency and replace gas with other alternative sources, such as electricity, solid fuel. The Government has also passed laws to encourage the transition of the heating system from gas to alternative sources. Moreover, we are also taking measures to reduce heat loss and have allocated funds for these purposes.

According to Ostap Semerak, "the Government is actively engaged in the process of our own gas production. The Government has approved a decision to promote reinvestment of profits of both public and private gas companies operating in the Ukrainian market. There was established a model, when rent is reduced on condition of the income received from the extraction of the Ukrainian gas to be reinvested in new wells”.


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