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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Agricultural production went up by 16% in Ukraine
16.10.2014 | 16:38
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU the years start the volume of agricultural production has upped by 16% as compared to the similar period of last year, while an average yield capacity has increased by 14%, In fact, our agriculture appears the only sector that demonstrates growth. Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced at a session of the Government on Thursday, October 16.

The agriculture is the main and, unfortunately, the only locomotive to maintain economic stability in Ukraine, the Head of Government stressed.

We expect that significant currency flows will come to Ukraine, in particular from selling agricultural products, he accentuated.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk commissioned to hold a special meeting this week of the members of the Government, the Agrarian Fund and the State Reserve Fund to tackle how well Ukraine is provided with grain and how much grain is accumulated in Ukrainian storage facilities in order to maintain stability of prices throughout the next six months.

He addressed the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food to finalize the calculations of the yield this week, I just want to compare the numbers, to see the real picture, how much grain remains in Ukraine and how much grain will be exported.

The crops, we have collected, allow us, on the one hand to export and earn foreign currency, on the other hand to provide Ukraine with high quality and stable prices for grain crops, the PM summed up.


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