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Verkhovna Rada approves new Government of Ukraine
02.12.2014 | 20:42
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

The new Government of Ukraine took the oath of a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Tuesday, December 2. The oath was declared by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the rostrum of the Parliament.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine" Members of the Cabinet put their signatures on the oath.

So, Zubko Hennadii was appointed as Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services; Kyrylenko Viacheslav - Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Culture; Voschevskyi Valerii - Vice Prime Minister; Onyschenko Hanna - Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers; Pavlenko Oleksii - Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food; Avakov Arsen - Minister of Internal Affairs; Shevchenko Ihor - Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources; Abromavicius Aivaras - Minister of Economic Development and Trade; Demchyshyn Volodymyr - Minister of Energy and Coal Industry; Klimkin Pavlo - Minister of Foreign Affairs; Stets Yurii - Minister of Inrormation Policy; Pyvovarskyi Andrii - Minister of Infrastructure; Zhdanov Ihor - Minister of Youth and Sports; Poltorak Stepan - Defense Minister; Kvit Serhii - Minister of Education and Science; Kvitashvili Alexander - Minister of Health; Rozenko Pavlo - Minister of Social Policy; Yaresko Natalia - Minister of Finance; Petrenko Pavlo - Minister of Justice.

The Parliament appointed Pavlo Klimkin Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Stepan Poltorak Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Following the vote in the Parliament for the membership of the Cabinet of Ministers, supported by 288 MPs, the Prime Minister thanked the Parliament of Ukraine: "Together we will overcome all the difficulties and I believe that we will manage to fulfill what millions of Ukrainians hope us to do."

"We are facing a complex historical mission. However, historical responsibility gives historical opportunities. We have a historic opportunity to create a new Ukraine, and we will not just take this opportunity, we will fulfill it," Arseniy Yatsenyuk said.

He read the oath of a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, "Realizing the high responsibility of a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, I do solemnly swear allegiance to the Ukrainian people. I do agree to abide by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, to strengthen the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, to protect the rights and freedoms of a man and citizen, to care about the welfare of the Ukrainian people, sustainable development of democratic society. "

"I am taking office of Prime Minister and the Government is proceeding with the execution of its duties," Arseniy Yatsenyuk said.

Afterwards, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for the divestiture of parliamentary powers in connection with the appointment to the membership of the Cabinet of Ministers of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Arsen Avakov, Valerii Voschevskyi, Ihor Zhdanov, Serhii Kvit, Viacheslav Kyrylenko, Pavlo Rozenko, Yurii Stets, Pavlo Petrenko.



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