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PM: Gov't proposes to spend up to 5% of GDP on national security, defense and law enforcement
09.12.2014 | 16:08
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

National security, defense and funding of the Ukrainian army should be among the key priorities of the Government activity, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized presenting a program of the Government activity at a meeting on Tuesday, December 9.

"We have set an ambitious goal to spend up to 5% of GDP on national security, defense and law enforcement. The Government is preparing a new law on the 2015 state budget of Ukraine with due regard to this goal," the Prime Minister stressed.

On "geopolitical security", Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed the need to abandon the law of non-bloc status of Ukraine, "which had been adopted as a bribe to Russians": "Ukraine will adopt a new law on domestic and foreign policy fundamentals which will abandon its non-bloc status."

"The Ukrainian army must fully meet NATO standards. For this purpose, Ukraine will approve the Ukraine-NATO annual target action plan," he underlined.

"A soldier as well as participant of the anti-terrorist operation is the highest value of the army," Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized, recalling that the State Service of Ukraine on ATO Veterans and Participants had been established. Every ATO participant will be registered and receive an appropriate certificate.

"The Government sets out in the budget separate funding for all other social benefits and costs provided for ATO participants and veterans," he emphasized.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk underlined that the Defence Ministry had already started to implement a new scheme of logistics in the supply and maintenance of Ukrainian servicemen: 'Such logistics will meet NATO standards."

The Governments program also provides the development of the military-industrial complex: "On the one hand, this will enable us to overhaul the Ukrainian army, on the other hand, it is also an additional trigger for Ukraines economy growth."

Within the development of the military-industrial complex the Government set out in the programme the raising of Ukroboronproms efficiency, transition to deeper bilateral convergence with foreign partners on military and technical cooperation, implementation of the four Trust Funds program, which was proposed by NATO to Ukraine.

Over the next four years, the European Rampart project is provided for the construction and arrangement of the state border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. For this purpose, according to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a separate State Agency for State Border Arrangement is being created.

The Prime Minister reminded that Ukraine had already received from the European Union UAH235 million for the arrangement of the border and ensuring security at the border: "We will continue to work with our Western partners to finance the construction of the border at the expense of both international aid and the state budget."

He said the total cost of the project to be about UAH8 billion.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk underlined ensuring border security to be a key element of visa free regime with the EU. The Prime Minister informed that Ukraine would move to the next stage of preparation for visa liberalization with the EU from 2015: "The issuing of biometric passports in Ukraine will be launched in 2015. We are sure that Ukrainians with new biometric passports will be able to freely travel without visas to member states of the European Union."

The Prime Minister stressed that national security would be protected in international courts as well. He recalled that Ukraine had filed a series of lawsuits against the Russian Federation to compensate for losses caused by Russian military aggression against Ukraine: "Two lawsuits against the Russian Federation that are currently at the European Court of Human Rights will be considered and effectively completed. We have started filing a lawsuit with the UN International Court of Justice, accusing Russia of breaching the Counter-Terrorism Convention. Russia is financing terrorism and must be responsible for it."

As part of the development and implementation of the concept of information security, according to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, it is provided to launch international broadcasting: "The world must know what is happening in Ukraine. It should receive this information in English, German, French and other languages".

Moreover, according to the PM, it is planned to launch public television. Arseniy Yatsenyuk recalled that the Government had decided to establish a Public Joint Stock Company "National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine": "We will complete the privatization of the media and create effective public television in Ukraine."


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