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Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry ready to inform the public about schedules of rolling blackouts next week
22.12.2014 | 16:00

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine along with the regional power companies, Derzhenergonagliad (State energy inspection services) and regional state administrations are actively working on the schedules of rolling blackouts. Next week the Ministry is ready to bring these schedules to the public. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Oleksandr Svetelik at a briefing at the Government House on Monday, December 22.

"We will work out everything, and this week you will clearly learn about our schedules of rolling blackouts. I am ready to meet with you and report at what time will be blackouts for each region", the Deputy Minister noted.

According to him, the Ministry is carrying out work with the regional state administrations on this issue: "We are working with the administrations. Many administrations have already prepared for this," Oleksandr Svetelik stated.

He reminded that the decision regarding emergency shutdowns in all the energy systems of Ukraine had been made due to a deficit in the balance of electrical power. All kinds of schedules, including the schedules of emergency shut-offs are made by power supply organizations and agreed with local authorities.

The Deputy Minister has explained that the so-called rolling blackouts are carried out on schedule in order to reduce consumption during peak hours in the network and, thus, to achieve power saving.

According to him, the Government has ordered to arrange blackouts, thus all citizens in all regions of Ukraine were in equal conditions. It has been also ordered to reduce the lighting of advertising, streets, public institutions, etc.



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