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Joint press release following the endorsement of the updated Association Agenda by the EU-Ukraine Association Council
17.03.2015 | 10:43
Governmental Office for European Integration

The EU-Ukraine Association Council today endorsed the updated Association Agenda, which will be instrumental in guiding the process of enhanced reforms and economic modernization in Ukraine. Being agreed between the Ukrainian Government and the EU and its Member States, this document constitutes the main political tool for the implementation and monitoring of the Association Agreement.

The EU-Ukraine Association Agenda provides a practical framework through which the overall objectives of political association and economic integration can be achieved. It does so by providing a list of reform priorities and concrete measures as well as relevant EU support on the wide range of areas covered by the Association Agreement, of which important parts are provisionally applied since 1 November 2014. The updated document now reflects the enhanced level of association in our bilateral relations.

The Association Agenda also outlines ten short-term reform actions that Ukraine should address as a matter of priority in the areas of constitution, elections, judiciary, anti-corruption, public administration, energy, deregulation, public procurement, taxation and external audit.

The EU and Ukraine recognize the importance of supporting the agreed priorities through appropriate and sufficient political, technical and financial means, reconfirm their commitment to continue to work together towards Ukraine's political association and economic integration with the EU and reiterate the importance of swift ratification of the Association Agreement by all EU Member States in accordance with their national procedures.

Both parties now agreed to join their efforts for effective implementation of the Association Agenda and the Association Agreement and provide for close monitoring of this process.

The implementation of the Association Agenda will be subject to and part of annual reporting, monitoring and assessment.


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