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Polish and Ukrainian National Defence Universities develop cooperation
22.05.2015 | 11:58

On May 21, Ivan Chernyakhivsky National Defence University of Ukraine hosted a meeting of Deputy Chief of University Col. Serhiy Salkutsan and Chief of National Defence University of Poland Col. Prof. Dariusz Kozerawski. The parties discussed the issues of development of educational and scientific cooperation between educational establishments.

According to Col. Prof. Dariusz Kozerawski, their visit is aimed at developing didactic and theoretical cooperation. The universities exchange by students, academic staff, and various specialists.

Sixteen representatives of the Ukrainian University are taking the NATO Military Terminology and Standards courses in the National Defence Academy in Warsaw.

“Our cooperation is organized within the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP). The mentality of Polish service members is close to ours. It fosters to understand as soon as possible the previously Poland-implemented approaches, particularly, the procedures of NATO implementation procedures,” Deputy Chief of University Col. Serhiy Salkutsan stressed.

The parties defined the prospects of their cooperation. Primarily, they will pay much attention to educational activities.

Scientific activities are also a key direction of cooperation such as joint scientific workshops, conferences, forums, and joint publications of scientists in specific publications of both countries.

In 2016, the parties plan to participate in the International Week in Poland; the Ukrainian Defence University has previously organized this event for 15 times.

The parties discussed the prospects of improvement of imitative modelling as both educational establishments have centres of imitation modelling which are the best in Europe.


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