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PM in Washington: Diplomatic efforts to contain Russian aggression have to be underpinned by strong Ukrainian army
10.06.2015 | 08:00
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU

"The best way to resolve this conflict is via the diplomatic efforts, but these diplomatic efforts have to be underpinned by a strong Ukrainian military and a strong Ukrainian army," Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington during a working visit to the US on Tuesday, June 9.

He stressed that the Minsk deal is "the only solution", which is on the table: "But the chances to implement entirely the Minsk deal is not very high as were expected."

Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed that Russia-led terrorists renewed their offensive in the east of Ukraine:"More than 32 attacks happened in the last 24 hours."

"We urge the Russia Federation to implement the Minsk deal. It all depends personally on President Putin - whether he is willing to reach peace and entirely implement and enforce the Minsk deal. My take is that Russia is not eager to have peace and stability, neither in Ukraine nor in Europe," he stressed.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine recalled that together with partners from the USA we started to train the National Guard of Ukraine, "in order to increase the durability of Ukrainian military and to contain and to deter Russia."

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed the need to launch a large-scale program that would include the supply of defensive weapon for the Ukrainian army.

The Prime Minister noted the importance for Ukraine to have "a very strong statement and strong stance of all G7 member states" following the G-7 summit in Germany: "We appreciate the statement made by the leaders of the G7 countries, agreed to keep those sanctions in place, warning they could be ramped up unless Russia fully implements the Minsk agreement."

"What would full implementation of that accord look like? "When Putin and his Russian-led terrorists get out of Ukraine. This is the ultimate goal of the Minsk deal. Key terms – to close the border, to withdraw troops, to stop the supply of weapon, artillery and lethal equipment to Russia-led terrorists," Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed.


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