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Arseniy Yatsenyuk vows to resolve all issues within the competence of the Government to ensure simplifying of a visa regime by September
12.06.2015 | 17:02

The mission responsible for the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Action Plan on Visa Liberalization already in September should get satisfactory answers to all the technical issues within the responsibility of the Cabinet of Ministers, urged Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the CMU session on Friday, 12 June.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk underlined that among the challenges the Ukrainian authorities are facing is the execution of the EU-Ukraine Action Plan on Visa Liberalization.

The mission to check the process of implementation of the Action Plan is due to arrive in September, he added.

The Prime Minister appealed to the members of the Cabinet of Ministers: "There is a clear action plan. The mission should receive satisfactory answers to all the technical issues within the responsibility of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In order to prevent anyone saying that Ukraine has failed something".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk also addressed the parliamentary coalition: "Despite the fact that we are to have the local elections, it is vital to ensure that winning the election wouldn’t turn into the defeat for the country as a whole - when a political debate will arise whoever loves the Ukrainian people. Not in words but in concrete deeds this love should be demonstrated for the sake of Ukraine of today and for future generations".

"We are laying the foundation for a new country, being well aware how hard it is. This Government has assumed the responsibility for the largest part of problems. This is the fate of the incumbent Government, and it is the right decision for the country and each person who has truly chosen his political future, and the future of the state as a strong and successful European country," he emphasized.

Apart from that, Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that he would summon a meeting of boards of the Ministries, "to ensure that by September each Minister could report to the Parliament what particular deeds he will have made for the Ukrainians - not on paper but to improve people’s lives. Then it will imply real change. The rest is our routine, daily work, hundreds of decisions and dozens of resolutions".


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