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MFA of Ukraine calls on international community to increase political and diplomatic pressure on RF
25.08.2015 | 16:58

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement in connection with the unlawful decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation to condemn the citizens of Ukraine Oleh Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko to 20 and 10 years imprisonment respectively.

In its statement the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine reminds that Oleh Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko were illegitimately arrested in May of 2014 and accused of terrorist activities.

"Executing the political order of the Kremlin authorities, the court completely defied the law, by ignoring, particularly, provided by advocates of Ukrainian citizens evidence about their noninvolvement in the alleged actions," the statement reads.

The MFA regards the sentence of the court indicates the distinction by the Russian Federation from the principle of impartiality of investigation and compliance with universal norms in the field of human rights.

"We demand from the Russian side to stop the show trial, which for the sake of the ambitions of the Russian leadership cripples human lives, and to immediately release Oleh Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko, as well as other political hostages", reads the statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls on the international community to publicly condemn this cynical crime against basic human rights and to increase both political and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation to free all citizens of Ukraine, who are still illegally detained on the territory of the Russian Federation.

"The Ukrainian side will make every effort to free our fellow citizens – being political prisoners in Russia", stress the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.


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