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Over 2,000 servicemen get awards on occasion of Day of Defender of Ukraine
13.10.2015 | 10:38
The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen got awards from President of Ukraine, Minister of Defence of Ukraine and Chief of General Staff of Ukraine on the occasion of the Day of Defender of Ukraine

Totally, 445 servicemen got awards, certificates and bonuses from Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of 2015, 5,871 defenders of Ukraine have been awarded for their courage and heroism with state awards, almost 3,500 have got awards of the Ministry of Defence, and about 100 servicemen have received bonuses from the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

“The minimum we can do is to thank for self-devotion of every serviceman defending our land depriving himself of his usual life to ensure the Ukrainians live under the peaceful sky,” the Minister stressed. “On the occasion of the Day of Defender of Ukraine we should remember everyone who defended and defends us from the Russian aggression. Thank you, our defenders!”

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