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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The needed volume of accumulated coal and gas for winter should be calculated considering the worst-case scenario
15.10.2015 | 16:03

"The Government's stance remains invariable: for the autumn-winter period it is necessary to calculate the worst, not the best scenario. And having this scenario in mind, we must plan the needed amount of accumulated coal and gas", said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting of Anti-Crisis Energy Staff on Thursday, October 15.

The readiness of the entire energy and heating supply system "must be scaled to fit even if temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero Celsius."

He stressed that the Government had done everything in power to ensure sufficient financial resource aimed at providing Ukraine with the required gas volumes and necessary electric energy: "I believe that the financial resource that we have gathered will enable us to purchase the needed gas amounts and to endure the winter".

The Prime Minister stressed on problems with coal supplies: "We have lost 85 mines and the situation with coal remains difficult".

The Government managed to maintain coal supply, "primarily due to the private sector, we are working very closely with, and due to the efforts of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Defense and the Security Service: "But presently, this is not enough. The showings are better against the last year’s, and we need a lot more work to accumulate the necessary coal volumes".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the heads of regional state administrations and local authorities with a request to hold meetings with representatives of the enterprises providing heat supplies and tackle the need of quality services to people: "People will pay if the quality of service is ensured".

However, the Prime Minister stressed that "we should disable district heating providers just to earn from the situation that regardless of the atmospheric temperature they burn gas, and aftermath they put the cost of gas in bills for citizens." "There must be simple logic: the higher the outside temperature is, the lower the coolant temperature becomes. The lower the temperature outside is, the coolant temperature is higher," underlined Arseniy Yatsenyuk, noting that relevant acts of the Government stipulate for these issues.



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