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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Nowadays the topmost task is to provide citizens with subsidies and to prevent emerging new gas tycoons
15.10.2015 | 17:17

"Gas oligarchs bribed officials in the Parliament to have the taxes reduced. However, on the eve of the elections they are hiding behind the promises to care about the Ukrainian people and provide cheap gas. We are sick of these lies," urged Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the meeting of Ant-Crisis Energy Staff on Thursday, October 15.

"The whole Ukraine, during the election campaign, is listening to a fairy tale we have been listening to in the last 20 years: free gas. As I understand petroleum products are free as well? And soon theyll promise we will have food for free", he stressed.

The Head of Government reminded that in Parliament "some well-known persons told that gas from our northern neighbor would cost US$150": "I answered if it were $ 150, then we would have another tariff. But if it is US$ 250, as we have it today, then return the difference worth US$ 100 back. Then we can change other tariffs in the country."

"We are sick of these lies. We have been listening to these stories about cheap gas and a free sausage throughout 20 years", stressed Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He stressed that these days Ukrainian gas in storages satisfies the needs of the population. In other case the price would be UAH 7200 per thousand cubic meters instead of UAH 3600 under the social norm as it is now. And if there hadnt been the Ukrainian gas, the bills for heat would have been threefold higher than we now have an opportunity to fix".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized that the essential thing now is to provide citizens with subsidies "and to prevent emerging new gas tycoons": "An attempt of the Parliament to vote a law on rent, allegedly caring about the citizens of Ukraine, is nothing but political corruption and deception. In this law they want to reduce charge for gas oligarchs who stole fields and bribed the Parliament to have their taxes cut down. However, on the eve of the elections they are hiding behind the promises to care about the Ukrainian people and provide cheap gas".

"Gas wont fall in price. Global prices arent lower. We have done everything we could do", he said. Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed that according to official data 3.3 million households had received subsidies. A government subsidy program subvents "not those who have thousands of square meters and swimming pools heated by gas, but those who need government help".

The Prime Minister also highlighted that the Government had technically updated a resolution on providing subsidies in order to prevent people who are assigned to the so-called zero subsidy from wasting time: "We have made amendments to the directive, so the subsidy will be accrued automatically".


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