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Arseniy Yatsenyuk appeals to MPs: Decision on tariffs should correspond to the calculations instead of the desire to gain popularity
11.11.2015 | 10:49

"The decision on tariffs should be grounded on calculations, instead of emotions and the desire to gain half a percent in the political ranking," stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the Parliament on Tuesday, 10 November, during considering by the Parliament members of the bill No. 2835 designed to reduce rental payment on gas production.

"Now we are not talking about the rent – we are talking about the level of tariffs. Everyone would be happy if the gas could be free. It is impossible to get gas for free. It costs 250 U.S. dollars in Europe. Not USD 500, as it costs according to the Russian gas contract, but USD 250 as we buy it nowadays. We would like to have petrol twofold against global market prices. I wish the sausage were free and vodka was distributed free of charge. It is impossible", he stressed.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized the parliamentary coalition that had been working for a year took a political responsibility and signed a coalition agreement, "to ensure that the level of tariffs in Ukraine to correspond to the market level which is the import price plus VAT and transport": "Despite this, we have found an opportunity to sell gas as a social norm at UAH 3600 instead of UAH 7200 during the ongoing heating season".

The Prime Minister offered to have a meeting with the President of Ukraine together with the parliamentary factions of the coalition, "who put their signatures under the coalition agreement and take responsibility": "I am the the most concerned person in finding the solution. But this decision must be based on real economic grounds apart from the desire to have low rates".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged the MPs of the coalition "to reduce the level of aggression, to conduct relevant political and economic consultations": "Aftermath, on Thursday, to find a compromise and issue a final decision for the people of Ukraine and for the Ukrainian state".

The Parliament postponed the consideration of bill No. 2835 till November 12.


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