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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: In contradiction to the fact that there hadn't been taken any correct decisions during the previous 22 years, we have been taking crucial decisions for the country for 22 months
30.12.2015 | 13:55
INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT OF THE SECRETARIAT OF THE CMU"No crucial decisions for the country have been taken for 22 years. Someone had to do it. I decided that I would do it. And then history will judge whether it was right or not", said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during a press conference on the outcomes of 2015 on Tuesday, December 29.

Answering the question about possible resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed: "Is it a resignation for we are no longer dependent on Russian gas? Or for we have restructured US $ 15 billion of debt? For we have overfulfilled the budget by 40%? Or for the fact that we have introduced sanctions against Russia? Or for we have increased funding up to 113 billion for the Army? Or for we have carried out the reform of the energy sector and provided subsidies for 5.2 million citizens of the country?"

The Head of Government noted that during 22 months, as he holds office as Prime Minister, "they take the potshots at the executive branch of government and personally the Prime Minister": "That's OK, it's called politics and political struggle. And it must be taken with courage and dignity. We must definitely fight and prove that those steps which we make are correct".

"If the coalition takes a decision that the Prime Minister of Ukraine does not meet the requirements which were set by the coalition - to the hall, voting process, a new coalition, a new Government. With dignity and pride I will delegate power to manage the executive branch to the new Government. But I shall finish my work", stressed the Head of Government.

He reminded that the parliamentary coalition had been formed on the basis of five factions: "If the decision about resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers is taken, then it means the failure to implement the coalition agreement. The failure to implement the coalition agreement means that the one who assumes the political responsibility for the resignation of the Government, forms a new coalition, appoints a new Cabinet of Ministers, or we all go to pre-term elections. There is no other option. It's called a parliamentary-presidential form of government. It's called democracy".

"It's not about the rankings. The thing is that I personally have set political goals for myself," he said.

He noted that he agreed to such steps as the increase of tariffs to market-based levels, the radical change in the pension system, restructuring of state-owned companies - which are unpopular: "For me these are correct decisions".

"For 22 years such decisions have not been taken. Someone had to do it I decided that I would do it. And then history will judge whether it was right or not. And then we will see the performance of the country in the ranking, by the way, we improved our performance in the Doing Business ranking throughout recent two years", said the Head of Government.


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