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Address by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the occasion of the Day honoring the combatants in territories of other States and the 27-th anniversary of withdrawal of troops from Republic Afghanistan
15.02.2016 | 10:49

Fellow Ukrainian citizens!

27 years ago the Soviet Army was withdrawn from Afghanistan. It was a brutal and bloody war that claimed the lives of dozens thousands military and hundreds thousands civilians.

The soldiers and officers, who returned from Afghanistan, like no one else are aware of the true values of life and peace, war and death. The people who had witnessed the death of their friends, had seen the grief, the destruction and the horrors of war, least wanted it repeat again. But, over the years many of them had to take up arms: to protect their homeland, their freedom, dignity and the life itself. They became an example for young soldiers, an example of courage and heroism on the battlefield. We commemorate the eternal memory of soldiers participanting in Afghan war who died like heroes in the East of Ukraine!

On this day, when we honour the participants of this war, we proclaim again that the Ukrainians want peace, that we are well aware of its value and ready to defend it. We have never waged any wars, never shot first, never hankered after foreign lands, but we will be protecting our State to the bitter end.

We wish war never broke out on our territory again. I wish peaceful skies to Ukrainian towns and villages. Peace and well-being to each family.

Glory to Ukraine!



Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy YATSENYUK



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