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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: The course for the Ukrainian Armed Forces towards alignment with NATO standards has been supported with appropriate reforms and financing
16.02.2016 | 18:56

"A major objective for the Government and the country is to ensure the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually become a NATO member. This means that all standards embedded in the Ukrainian Armed Forces must comply with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance", said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Tuesday, February 16, at the Parliament during a Government's report on its activities for 2015.

The Prime Minister also highlighted an issue of national security and defence: "We started from scratch to form the Ukrainian army, and therefore it was necessary to reform the system of national security and defense, and primarily - to fight in the eastern front against the Russian military intervention".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that the Government together with the parliamentary coalition declared a new security policy: "The Parliament passed a decision to abandon the so-called non-aligned status, which was nothing more than a bribe to the Russian Federation to make Ukraine give up on the prospect of becoming a NATO member".

"Our course, the course of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to follow is the full-fledged membership in the Alliance - was backed by appropriate reforms and appropriate funding", he stressed.

If last year the total funding to satisfy the needs of national security and defense amounted almost UAH 96 billion, for the current year the Government increased it up to UAH 113 billion.

The Prime Minister informed that for the needs of Ukrainian troops there had been purchased 100 thousand new combat helmets and body armours, 34 thousand new weaponry items: "The Ukrainian Armed Forces added a series of new and modernized Ukrainian and foreign armour to its arsenal".

A wide reform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is underway, starting with the logistics to supply the Ukrainian Army and ending with the financing of the UAF, he stressed.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that last year the Government had embarked on the process of increase of social standards and wages for the Ukrainian military who are serving in the anti-terror operation area. And this year they have managed to find sources to double the size of cash allowance for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As part of the reform in the Ukrainian Army it is among those who were first to introduce e-procurement. In the previous year it enabled to economize about UAH 200 million UAH due to the fact that an auction to purchase property objects and to provide logistical support activities for the Armed Forces of the country was transparent".

Moreover, the Government fulfils its social function to support the Ukrainian military personnel who had served in the ATO area and were demobilized, claims Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Up to now about 160 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have been assigned the status of ATO participant.

"Together with our partners from NATO we have established six trust funds, which are responsible for reforms in each particular sector of the national security and defense - starting with training and uniforms for the Ukrainian military personnel and ending with new advanced logistics support", he stressed.

As part of the security policy the Government launched a project the European Rampart: "Finally, Ukraine has started to build defensive facilities at the border with the Russian Federation. Overall, there have been dug over 200 kilometers of anti-tank ditch network, constructed over 70 kilometres of border barriers, erected 32 watch towers, he told.

Ukraine has taken a very active stand and brought legal action against the Russian Federation for the illegal annexation of Crimea, for the intervention of Russia to the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk and illegal occupation of part of Ukraines territory, the Head of Government of Ukraine added.

He reminded that a number of lawsuits against the Russian Federation had been filed in the European Court of Human Rights: "Apart from that, the Ukrainian Government is engaged in activities to sue Russia in the International Court of Justice (the United Nations) for violating the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk highlighted that the Ukrainian State has a broad support from the international community which imposed sanctions against an aggressor State: "The United States of America, the European Union, G7 States introduced financial and economic, personal and sectoral sanctions against Russia".

The Government proposed the Parliament to adopt the law on sanctions, he said: "For the first time in history of the country we have created an international legal tool to bring to justice and impose retaliatory sanctions against any State, which is now an aggressor-state the Russian Federation.

He reminded that the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine had adopted a decision and introduced personal and sectoral sanctions against Russian companies and Russian citizens. Inter alia, the Head of Government stressed, Ukraine banned Russian airlines from using its airspace.

As part of our new security policy there was also introduced a new information policy. The Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the Parliament for the adoption of the Law of Ukraine On the international broadcasting system of Ukraine: "The information policy of Ukraine is now fighting against Russian propaganda, which is actually propaganda based on Goebbels principles in the Russian interpretation".


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