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Government engaged in negotiation with international financial organizations regarding the installation of meters to the population
19.02.2016 | 21:44

"Now I am engaged in work with international financial institutions – we are not capable to cope with this program alone – including regarding installation of heating meters for the people, of gas meters in full amount", said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Friday, 19 February, in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.

The Prime Minister noted that it was necessary, "to ensure people pay only for the volume of the services which he/she receives, to prevent heat-generating companies from using their monopoly and just preying upon the people".

At the same time, he recalled that neighbouring Poland had been engaged in implementation of energy efficiency programmes for years: "It is the fact that the Poles received billions of euros from the European Union and had spent about 15 years to carry out their energy modernization".

The Prime Minister noted that the Ukrainian Government had already launched an energy efficiency program. The Oshchadbank compensates from the state budget 20 to 70% of the loan either on the boiler, or, for instance, on thermal insulation for your house, apartment or a condominium", he said.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed that under this program about 100 thousand Ukrainian families had been granted credits worth almost over UAH 1 billion. In addition, he reminded that energy efficiency measures had already led to a significant reduction in gas consumption. "Minus 20% of gas consumption. We have got rid of dependence on Russia. Direct deliveries from the European Union".


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