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PM: All the newly created anti-corruption agencies will fight mercilessly against political corruption
21.02.2016 | 18:35

УWhen we talk about a European Ukraine, it means Ukraine should be a State without corruption. We have destroyed much of the system of corruption among top officialsФ, noted the Prime Minister of Ukraine in 10 Minutes with the Prime Minister programme on Sunday, February 21.

УBut we should also curb the corruption which affects the lives of each of you. This is when a bribe is extorted from you in a kindergarten, school, hospital, customs office or tax inspection. This is what destroys the moral fibre of the State and hampers the country in raising social standards and in creating a success story for UkraineФ, he accentuated.

The Head of Government singled out an issue of corruption in state-owned companies: УHere we have taken unprecedented steps. One of our largest state companies, Naftogaz of Ukraine has, finally, become profitable as we got rid of the oligarchs who were diverting money from your pockets and siphoning them off into offshore companiesФ.

У50 largest public companies will get new independent and politically neutral directors. We will carry out the process of privatization, to leverage foreign investment aimed to create new jobs and to overcome political corruption entwined within public companiesФ, told Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He reminded about the political corruption as well: УIt is unacceptable that certain political parties or particular MPs continue to feed off of businessmen or so-called oligarchs. We have adopted a decision that this year the financing of political parties will be carried out exclusively from the state budget thereby breaking the cycle.Ф

УAll the newly created anti-corruption agencies will fight mercilessly against any attempt at political corruption on the part of officials, or MPs, or other political figuresФ, urged the Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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