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Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Viktor Chumak has decided to choose the status of an MP between the work for the NACA and the work for the Parliament. The Government is to announce another competition to fill the post
24.02.2016 | 15:34

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk suggests to the Cabinet of Ministers to discharge an MP Viktor Chumak from the NAPC (National Agency for Prevention of Corruption) and announce another contest to fill the post of the Agency’s member. The Head of Government declared at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, February 24.

Under the law, there were selected three members of the Agency. However, one of the NAPC members, an MP Viktor Chumak, refuses from this work.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for European Integration Olena Zerkal with a request to explain how this might affect the fulfilment of the criteria for granting Ukraine a visa-free regime with the EU.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that this issue is now under special control, as all the necessary legislation has been adopted, the only unfulfilled requirement remains the launch of the NAPC.

The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko stressed that according to the law on prevention of corruption, the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, as a collective body, starts functioning if at least three members - the majority of the composition – have been selected: "When there are only two members of the NAPC, it is not functional and cannot exercise functions".

If the MP Viktor Chumak urgently withdraws his application, will remain the NAPC member, highlighted the Head of the Government, it can operate, "thus, we will fulfil this point necessary for granting the visa-free regime".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk offered to publicly appeal to Viktor Chumak: "He should, within 24 hours, to inform the Government whether he made a conscious decision that he does not want to work for the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption. If no (does not want to work – ed.) it means that we have to fire him and hold the competition again. It means the delay, but we have no other option".

Later during a Government meeting Arseniy Yatsenyuk informed that Viktor Chumak "has decided to choose the status of an MP between the work for the NAPC and the work for the Parliament ".

"So, we have to announce another competition. It's a pity that we cannot trigger operation of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption ", he urged.

The Prime Minister emphasized that he would submit a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers to dismiss Viktor Chumak from the NAPC, to which he had been selected through the transparent contest.


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