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Arseniy Yatsenyuk about the Government's action plan for 2016: It is the agenda for future development of the country that should become a truly European State
28.02.2016 | 19:03

The Ukrainian Government has developed an action plan for 2016: But it's not just the Government's action plan it is the agenda for future development of the country, a country that has demanded that we should become a truly European State, stressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in his Sunday address on February 28.

The Head of Government emphasized that the Governments plan consists of two main parts: the first is economic growth, including the creation of new jobs and a reduction of poverty; the second is the restoration of the social contract, or, I would call it, the principle of serving the citizens of Ukraine and restoring their confidence in the authorities.

To ensure economic growth, the Government has enacted a number of fundamental measures, such as to consolidate the banking sector and resume access to credit facilities; to conduct the effective and historically transparent privatization with the participation of a wide range of investors and to reform state-owned enterprises.

The Governments plan comprises pursuing a new industrial policy, the appointment of new and effective CEOs to chair 50 major state-owned companies, the opening of new markets for Ukrainian exports, the signing of agreements on free trade areas with Canada, Turkey and Israel, the establishment of at least four trade missions to promote Ukrainian export in new markets and expand the map of business forums

The basis of our program is the implementation of the Agreement on free trade area with the European Union, Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized.

Moreover, the Government offers to maximize the efficiency of investment of public capital spending 70% of it on road reconstruction, 30% will be used to complete projects in the final stages of construction.

Price hikes can be stopped through effective fiscal, monetary and economic policy. To do this, Ukraine must adhere to the reforms in the framework of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions. We must ensure effective fiscal policy, switch to e-procurement for all public institutions, transfer to direct welfare payments, take advantage of the Governments recently introduced twofold reduction of payroll tax and bring salaries out of the shadow, to implement the reform of the State Fiscal Service, to fight corruption in the customs through the hands on participation of experienced experts from western countries, the Head of Government stressed.

He stressed the need to complete the reform in energy sector: We have passed through the winter without buying a single cubic meter of gas from Russia. Our objective is to ensure the profitability and independence of the NJSC Naftogaz Ukrayiny, to increase production of domestic energy resources and to complete energy independence of the country within the next ten years. It is possible. The replacement of boilers, insulation of buildings, access to the subsidy facility and payment for the quality housing and utility services are the major components of our energy reform for the country.

It is crucial to continue land reform: I consider necessary to sell through an open transparent auction 1 million hectares of state-owned land, which is now being used for corrupt and illegal schemes.

Regarding health care reform, this year the minimum level of free medical services guaranteed by the State should be introduced, the Prime Minister views: All the other items of expenditures should be funded from state medical insurance fund, which must cover every citizen of the country.

Speaking about reforming the education system, the PM accentuated the need to introduce cardinal changes: The essential principle of secondary education is not the number of schools, but the quality of the educational process; to ensure training materials and advanced knowledge for each student, whilst guaranteeing decent wages for professional teachers.

In terms of curbing corruption, we must appoint a new independent Prosecutor General of Ukraine, enhance the credibility and ensure the efficient operation of the National Agency for the identification, recovery and management of proceeds of corruption as well as the State Bureau of Investigation and the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, highlighted Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The Head of Government urges it is essential to confiscate and return to the State 1.5 billion dollars that were plundered by the previous regime and arrested as a result of the action of the Government in the Ukrainian state banks this year: These funds will be allocated to improve the country's defense capability and to increase social protection of the citizens of Ukraine.

Apart from that, the Governments action plan envisages the reform of public administration and the judiciary, the fight against monopolies, the introduction of rules and standards in compliance with those of the European Union, part of which we are striving to become.

It is my program. This program should become our common program. These specific actions require the support of the President of the country, his faction and other sensible forces in the Ukrainian Parliament, he stressed.

There is no time for delay. There is only time for action. The Government has demonstrated action and is resolute to continue the fight, Arseniy Yatsenyuk summed up.


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