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An order about establishment of a working group to trigger Energy Efficiency Fund's operation signed
14.03.2016 | 16:23

The working group shall elaborate all the legislative changes and normative-legal acts necessary for the establishment and launch of operation of the Energy Efficiency Fund.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine/Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko signed a decree on the establishment of the relevant working group.

"We have had the first meeting on the establishment and operation of the Energy Efficiency Fund with the participation of representatives of ministries and international financial and donor organizations, as well as representatives of banks engaged in the implementation of the National ‘Warm’ Loan program. All participants agreed with the offered concept of the Fund and accepted the need to develop a legislative framework to ensure operation of it", said Hennadii Zubko.

The official noted that the working group would get to developing proposals regarding changes in the legislation and creating bylaws to ensure the Fund to be set up and start operation, pursuant to the National action plan for energy efficiency for the period up to 2020.

"After a working group in synergy with the Government of Germany elaborated a concept of this Fund, the inter-departmental group, which comprised representatives from various ministries and donor organizations, will prepare a necessary package of legislative propositions, said Hennadii Zubko. “The Energy Efficiency Fund is not just an issue to be solved by the Ministry of Regional Development or the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, or other ministries. This is an issue that concerns each Ukrainian citizen".

The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine noted that throughout six months there would be offered changes in the legislation to ensure operation of the Energy Efficiency Fund. In particular, the laws "On energy efficiency of buildings", "On energy efficiency", "On commercial accounting", "On housing and communal services", which is currently being finalized for the second reading in Parliament.

A chairman of the working group was appointed Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Eduard Krugliak, Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Serhii Savchuk was appointed his deputy.



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