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Local government eager to implement the 'warm' loan program
29.03.2016 | 14:36

Presently, local authorities actively engage in co-financing ‘warmloan facility. The proof for that is the adoption of energy efficiency programs at the local level. As of today, there are 134 local programs of co-financing ‘warm loans.

In March of this year alone, four such programs have been approved in Chernivtsi, Zakarpattia, Cherkasy and Sumy regions.

In particular, in Chernivtsi region a program of compensation of 15% per annum for the population (physical persons) has been extended to 2016. To ensure funding of this program, in April of this year it is expected to include changes to the regional budget, which is the allocation of UAH 1 million.

In Zakarpattia region there has been approved the programme for 2016-2020, which provides for compensation of 15% per annum for physical persons. For the implementation of the progamme, in April of the current year it is planned to allot UAH1 million from the regional budget.

Moreover, there has been prolonged for 2016 a programme of partial compensation of interest on loans to the residents of Cherkasy region. The funding worth UAH 300 thousand has been allocated from the regional budget whilst the sum of UAH 1.4 million from the local budgets.

Apart from that, a program of compensation of loans for energy-efficiency measures for 2016-2020 has been adopted this month in Sumy region. It provides for the reimbursement of 15% per annum for the population. For these purposes it was planned UAH 850 thousand in the regional budget for 2016.


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