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Volodymyr Groysman: The Government, the President and the Parliament of Ukraine should work in synergy to create good climate for the life of Ukrainian citizens
19.04.2016 | 20:08

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the President and the Parliament must embark on reforming the country and create good climate for the life of Ukrainian citizens. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the meeting of the National Reform Council on Tuesday, April 19.

"The most important thing we should do is to create jointly with the President, the Parliament, MPs and all parliamentary parties the proper environment to ensure decent life of Ukrainian citizens", said Volodymyr Groysman.

"It's one thing to have plans for reforms, and another thing - to implement them. We aim at joint implementation of the plans, at achievement real results, which is crucial", stressed the Prime Minister.

The Head of Government noted that the current agenda of reforms much needed for the country was quite profound: "In fact, it is vital to upgrade almost all aspects of life". The reforms should focus on the needs of the people and be implemented through constant feedback, in order to explain the actions of the authorities, he urged.

In particular, it is necessary to retrofit the education and healthcare domains, to enact change in the public service. "All of us want to have professional doctors, to have educators, the military, an official who realizes challenges and is capable of performing his functions properly", said the Prime Minister.

Moreover, the agenda includes the continuation of power decentralization, the revival of economy, addressing employment issues and carrying out deregulation.

In addition, it is necessary to launch an internal reform of the Cabinet of Ministers. Volodymyr Groysman noted that a lot had been done in this direction, in particular the introduction of electronic document circulation, however, "we must not stop, we need to introduce and complete a number of novelties". "The path which is paved by us from an idea to the creation of legal framework should not be applied in here - it could last for months", stressed the Head of Government.

Volodymyr Groysman noted that the Government would take all decisions fast within the scope of their authority. However, the Cabinet needs the support of Parliament. According to him, the collaboration of Government with the President, the Parliament and its relevant committees plays a peculiar role from the point of view of development and adoption of effective solutions.

"We should preferably elaborate decisions not in law titles - and these tasks are also set in front of our colleagues – but should develop together the mechanisms to resolve various issues, and aftermath to describe these in the laws. This should be a joint product of the Parliament, and certainly of the Government officials," he accentuated.

Besides, it is crucial to maintain collaboration with the expert community and civil society in the process of development of necessary decisions, highlighted the Head of Government. "[Such collaboration] is the key to success in any transformations," he noted.

The Prime Minister reminded that the next day, April 20, the first session of the new Cabinet of Ministers would be held. "I am convinced that the commitment we have taken in Parliament – throughout 30 days to make an operational plan for the implementation of reforms - we will jointly present to the Reforms Council and adopt a decision with clear distribution of responsibility, at that it is crucial to determine deadlines as well," he said.

The Head of Government emphasized that the Cabinet of Ministers remained committed to the European integration course and further cooperation with the International Monetary Fund. "First of all, it is vital for Ukraine and the Ukrainian citizens. These reforms and changes will allow our country to be strong, and the most important thing is that citizens will feel it," he said, adding that on this way it would be impossible to escape certain painful experience.


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