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Hennadii Zubko calls three pillars of the energy efficiency reform
04.08.2016 | 17:51

A reform of energy efficiency is based on three benchmarks. In the first place, it implies the retrofitting of management of the housing sector. Second, the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Fund. Third, the reform of the heat power industry.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko during a press conference "Decentralization and energy efficiency: the state of implementation of key reforms in the country."

He considers as an essential task the modernization of enterprises that provide heat for houses. "It is insufficient for us just to upgrade the old monsters, patch the pipes or change the boilers. We should transfer to the new dimension of modernization of the thermal power system. From heating homes, groups of houses to heating of a section. This is a European approach, which we are striving to achieve. Technology already allows us to avoid warming water in one place and sending it through the entire city, but due to the cheap energy to do it autonomously", said Hennadii Zubko.

He stressed that before the end of year relevant acts were to be approved. "It's not just a question of changes in the Tax and Budget Codes, Law on investment activity, but also the adoption of laws on the Energy Efficiency Fund, the energy efficiency of buildings and on commercial accounting," said Hennadii Zubko.

The Vice Prime Minister noted that "the expectation from the energy efficiency reform is three-fivefold reduction of bills for heating and gas consumption for every Ukrainian family." "We expect additional 75 thousand jobs for the state, for Ukrainian families. Our objective is through the reform to transform the expenses for subsidy into investments in energy efficiency. We forecast that annual gas consumption will be cut by 1.5 billion cubic meters", summed up Hennadii Zubko.


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