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Land share is not an obstacle for a subsidy
09.08.2016 | 09:31

Any kind of property, including apartments, cars, land shares, does not affect the right of receiving subsidies. When calculating the amount of the subsidy there is taken into account income which such property brings. If this share is not rented, the income is zero. However, this does not mean that such family loses the opportunity to have non-refundable state assistance in paying utility bills. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman wrote on Facebook.

"Rumors abound in the country that if someone of the family members owns a land share, such a family should not qualify for a subsidy. I can honestly say - this is false information", underlined the Prime Minister. “Do not believe the gossip – contact the social security authorities. They will professionally inform you about the size of your particular subsidy", explained the Head of Government.

Subventions helped to endure the winter, they will help in the upcoming winter as well, Volodymyr Groysman believes. "We should go through this so that in the end to get rid of gas dependence on Russia, to root out corruption in the gas sector and diseconomy when the state pays for the utilities of owners of luxurious palaces and many other shameful phenomena associated with decades-long manipulation of gas prices. A single price for gas, on the one hand, support through subsidies for all who need it and promoting energy efficiency – all these pave the way to success of our state", summed up the Prime Minister.


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