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Prime Minister: A subsidy mechanism enables Ukrainians to pay less for housing against last year
12.09.2016 | 15:28

Due to the operation of a housing subsidy system the payments for housing and utility services for Ukrainian citizens after the establishment of market prices for gas in Ukraine will be lower as compared to last year.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced during the teleconference with heads of local executive authorities engaged in solving social protection issues during which they discussed housing subsidies on Monday.

The Head of the Government presented three variants of calculations of payments for housing and communal services taking into account average indicators of household income and sizes of apartments.

So, for a family consisting of two adults and a child who live in a 2-room apartment of 50 sq. m. and have an income amounting UAH 7 thousand the mandatory payment for utility services in 2016 will make up UAH 876. For comparison, after the increase in prices for housing and communal services in 2015 it amounted UAH 1466, in 2016 - UAH 2520, but taking into account a subsidy tool in 2015 it equaled UAH 921, and in 2016 under the new system it will amount UAH 876.

"For Ukrainian citizens, due to the fact that we are breaking all the existing corrupt schemes, even the sum of payment will decrease against the previous year, said Volodymyr Groysman. It is the best response to all populists".

According to him, the next step is monetization of subsidies, the Government is preparing a decision to implement such a system.

"The next stage is the monetization of subsidies, monetization of savings from subsidies. If people consume and save at that, all the savings will have to be remitted to these people. We are engaged in gearing up such a system presently. We will establish order in the social sphere, we will never return to a practice to subsidize heating utility companies, water providers, said the Prime Minister. We will abandon the practice of reimbursement to those who used to earn a fortune, billions of funds, and will transfer every copeck to the Ukrainian citizens instead", promised the Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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