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Prime Minister urges to change the country from inside through high quality education and development of science
26.09.2016 | 20:31

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman held a meeting with scientists to tackle urgent problems in the scientific sphere on Monday.

"The state should invest in science - it is an investment. But this investment should be successful. We have everything we need for that, said Volodymyr Groysman. Science and innovation will allow us to move forward, to recover from difficult problems and trials."

The Prime Minister called for the formation of a systemic perspective on reform of the academic sector in Ukraine.

"Ukrainian science today requires a high-quality dialogue, including with the Government, he said. We should give an answer to what resources we need, how we are going to use them, what kind of cooperation there should be between the authorities, scientists, the Academy of Sciences, what will be indicators of our collaboration, but not just the sums of money we are to direct to a particular domain.

The meeting participants discussed the current state of scientific sector and academic science in Ukraine, main problems, proposals how to change the situation. Scientists, in particular, noted the need for change in the system of financing the scientific area, as well as for cooperation of entrepreneurs with scientists.

"I want Ukraine to be strong. I want us to ensure real change within the country, through quality education, through higher requirements to our students, stressed the PM and added that vocational institutions should train real professionals much needed today in the labor market, while the science and business should closer cooperate.

The meeting was attended by Government members, MPs of Ukraine, members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, representatives of higher educational institutions, enterprises and NGOs.


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