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Prime Minister: The success of work of prosecution and law enforcement agencies will return the trust of people
30.11.2016 | 15:21

The success of activities of the law enforcement system and the efficiency of the reform in this sector will return the people's confidence in the state and the government thereby enabling to bring in change in the country. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said during the festivities dedicated to the Prosecutor’s Day in Ukraine on Wednesday.

"Your success, the success of your work in such a difficult time is very necessary for the country. This will enable us to return respect of people to the state, the trust of people. This will mean that the country is changing, and people feel it," said the Prime Minister appealing to the prosecutors.

He noted that over the independence years the judicial system had never been a leader of public confidence. It is vital to change this situation nowadays.

"People want only one thing – equity and respect,” said the Prime Minister. “Only having confidence, belief in ourselves, in what we are doing and the result, we are capable of changing the country".

He cited an example of neighbouring countries in which changed had been successful only because everyone had understood, "that there's something that unites them, and something that is more important than their personal interests," which is the country, so they teamed up for this purpose.

Today, Ukraine is starting to emerge from the permanent crisis, said Volodymyr Groysman. Over the past three years when the state has faced a lot of challenges, the prosecutors confronted many challenges as well.

"As a result of reforms there will be set up an upgraded judiciary and the Prosecutor's office will undergo the process of transformation. But most importantly is to achieve the result from our action, to get the trust of people," stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

"The state needs the support of the entire law enforcement system. The prosecution alone will not be successful unless the courts develop the appropriate government position. We will not be able to achieve goals, if the whole law enforcement unit will focus on different objectives and different tasks. Therefore, the restoration of justness and delivering real justice in the country are very important for the country. All this will lead us to success," he said.

The Government is accepting of the needs of the prosecution, assured the Prime Minister. He expressed hope that in 2017, the synergy of the Government, the President and the Parliament will result into adopting necessary decisions to improve the conditions of work of prosecutors.

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