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Regarding the 25th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Turkish Republic and Ukraine
03.02.2017 | 14:17

On the 3rd of February 1992, Ukraine and the Turkish Republic officially established bilateral diplomatic relations.

A quarter of century has passed since that day. During this period, our countries brought their bilateral relations to the level of a very productive and reciprocally advantageous cooperation officially named a strategic partnership. Proximity of the Ukrainian and Turkish national interests is based on the similarity of the two nations approaches to the most actual issues of the multilateral agenda and bilateral relations. We are working hard to continue developing our exceptionally active political dialogue, economic and cultural cooperation as well as interpersonal contacts among Ukrainian and Turkish citizens.

Ukrainian-Turkish political dialogue is built up on the principles of strategic partnership, which are mutual trust, fairness, equality and non-interference in the domestic issues of each other. Our countries are doing whatever they can in order to help the Crimean Tatars good Ukrainian citizens and Turkish kinsmen who are now going through very hard trials in Ukraines Crimea temporarily occupied by Putins regime.

In the sphere of economy, Ukrainian and Turkish sides are paying special attention to the comprehensive development of bilateral trade, which is expected to receive a powerful boost after the two countries sign a free trade agreement that is being negotiated. The Turkish Republic has transport and industrial infrastructures of a very high quality as well as great investment potential and experience in realizing infrastructural projects worldwide. Ukraine also has high-tech technologies, know-how and industrial facilities. That allows us to work effectively over a number of joint projects in the spheres of transportation, aviation, space technologies, production of energy and military equipment.

We gave a considerable impulse to the development of Ukrainian-Turkish contacts at interpersonal level in 2012 when the two countries agreed to introduce a visa free regime for their respective citizens travelling to the other country. Moreover, in October 2016 the Ukrainian International Airlines opened direct flights between capitals of the two countries. We have also been developing an outstandingly active cooperation in the spheres of mass media and culture.

The abovementioned and a lot of other facts demonstrate that our bilateral relations have always been based on the brotherly attitudes of the Ukrainian and Turkish nations to each other and by mutual help and support. We have no doubts that this traditionally positive atmosphere of our relationship will prevail forever.


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