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Prime Minister: Updated system of State Fiscal Service must ensure economic growth and promote legitimate business instead of protecting someone's interests
29.03.2017 | 12:12

A reform of the State Fiscal Service should bring about systemic changes aimed to boost economic growth, to provide assistance for legal businesses well as to eradicate so-called "gray" and "black" schemes in our country. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said announcing consideration of the strategy of retrofitting of the State Fiscal Service at the Govt session on Wednesday.

I have been fighting to change this system, continue fighting and I will support all necessary measures enabling us to root out corruption in the system of State Fiscal Service bodies, to create an efficient dialogue with entrepreneurs as well as provide top quality services to them, to change the formulae the entire law enforcement system uses nowadays to hamper doing business and focus on their own needs. Our target is to change the system. They must concentrate on promoting the development of entrepreneurship instead of impeding. The elimination of shadow schemes is also helping legal businesses", stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

The Prime Minister reminded that last year the Government had initiated elaboration of a systemic approach to the aforesaid reform together with international partners.

The established concept and particular solutions included into it are to ensure the establishment of a modern European system in Ukraine. The blueprint stipulates for technical re-equipping and upgrading of the customs service, changing the organizational structure as well as improving human resource capacity.

The Head of Government noted that currently the system works in such a way that all economic services - the tax militia, the customs officials, the economic divisions of the police and Security Service of Ukraine are working hampering the business and protecting their services or someones interests.

Such pressure on businesses should be suppressed, urged the Prime Minister.

"Each hryvnia, which has not filled revenue part of the budget is stolen from a Ukrainian pensioner, Ukrainian doctor, Ukrainian soldier, who is at the front line", stressed the Prime Minister.

He accentuated that the customs and fiscal sectors are possessing billions of money which should belong to the Ukrainian people and our state.

Our objective is economic growth. For this purpose there should be created comfortable business climate for the entrepreneur who has opened irrelevant whether it is 1, 10, 50, 1 thousand, 50 thousand new jobs to feel comfortable doing everyday work, paying taxes and to bear in mind that no one is impeding him, underlined Volodymyr Groysman.

The Prime Minister told he meets regularly with representatives of law enforcement bodies to find out ways to prevent pressure on business.

We have to create such a system that would enable us to support real sector and responsible businesses, and to suppress strictly the use of the so-called "gray" or "black" schemes in our country", underlined the Prime Minister.

The Government is working vigorously to create favourable business environment to leverage investment. Hence, there has been considered recently an issue of the establishment of the Financial Investigations Service envisaging the liquidation of the regulatory authorities that entrepreneurs often contact with and that exert pressure on business inter alia the tax police, the economic divisions of law enforcement structures as well as of the State Fiscal Service, stressed Volodymyr Groysman. The relevant bill having developed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine was submitted to the National Reform Council for consideration.

Our topmost objective is to restore and prolong sustainable economic growth. Strong economy, efficient social policy, powerful army, well-developed infrastructure as well as renewal of the country will result in understanding of the society of our tomorrow, but the most significant is to give a clear signal what life we will have in one, three or five years in our country, where we are going and what we can achieve", summed up the Prime Minister.


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