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Ukraine hopes a positive decision be approved by the IMF Board of Directors, it would contribute to the economic development and stabilization of hryvnia, says Prime Minister
30.03.2017 | 15:09

The Government of Ukraine welcomes a decision to hold a meeting of the IMF Board of Directors on Ukraine on April 3, as the Fund is a key creditor of the country, and hopes the next tranche under the current Extended Fund Facility (EFF) approved in March 2015 will be granted to official Kyiv. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman accentuated during his talks with media people in Zhytomyr region, adding such a decision would promote development of the economy and facilitate the stability of the national currency.

The Head of Government reminded that the delay for considering of this issue in the schedule of meetings of the IMF Board of Directors had been caused by the need to analyze the macroeconomic indicators and forecasts through the energy and economy blockade.

"It is clear that the IMF support is necessary for Ukraine today, as it would add to foreign exchange reserves of our country and have a positive impact on the economy and the national currency", Volodymyr Groysman stressed and told that final talks with the leadership of the Fund had been finalized the day before.

"That’s good news for Ukraine, and we will continue our cooperation", said the Head of Government.

He again drew attention to the fact that the energy and trade blockade in Ukraine had allowed to steal Ukrainian enterprises, had deprived the country of an access to the mines and had been generally in the interests of the Russian Federation.

"We had had access to Ukrainian mineral resources. These resources were bought for national currency, 100% of taxes were transferred by those enterprises to Ukraine. Now we have lost those mines. The companies they have stolen don’t pay a copeck to the Ukrainian budget. Where do they pay, to which budget? To the Russian! And this is a huge problem, because the blockade has led to increased funding, perhaps in particular, for certain military groups of the Russian Federation, that are deployed in Ukraine. In fact, they have taken everything, and all those resources are now working for the Russian economy", emphasized the Prime Minister.


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