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Ukraine has strong interest in development of automotive industry and expresses readiness to leverage investment into the sector - a meeting of Volodymyr Groysman and leaders of Skoda Auto
04.04.2017 | 14:03

Ukraine expresses readiness to develop automotive industry on its territory, to construct new production facilities and to promote leveraging investments in this sector, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the meeting with Chief Executive Officer of ŠKODA AUTO Bernhard Maier.

The event was organized at the invitation of the Ukrainian side. The ŠKODA AUTO in alliance with local partner Eurocar has been producing a wide range of cars under the ŠKODA brand since 2002. Now the management of ŠKODA AUTO is considering Ukraine as a platform to launch production facilities.

"Ukraine has a strong interest to prolong our cooperation, ŠKODA has long been working in Ukraine and I must admit that we are interested in launching production by your company in Ukraine. We are ready to become a reliable partner in the implementation of this project, said Volodymyr Groysman. I understand that the company has a global choice of where to place production facilities, but if you choose Ukraine, it will be the right choice. I'm ready to accompany on a turnkey basis all measures for you to benefit from all the conditions and to trigger production."

The Head of Government reminded that the development of productive capacities of the country is one of the key priorities in work of the Cabinet of Ministers. And that was exactly what government decisions, local authorities and Investment Promotion Office investment are aimed at.

We have considered all necessary things to be done to trigger your project in Ukraine, said Volodymyr Groysman to Bernhard Maier. These things are real, and we are ready to draft an action plan to implement and then to approve both through government decisions and those of local authorities. It is clear that there exist certain risks for making business in Ukraine. But they exist in every corner of the world. And today, I cannot see any objective threats for the development of production in Ukraine or threats for investment. I pledge to take all necessary measures to ensure implementation of the project. I don't need another promising investment project, I need a successful investment project".

Volodymyr Groysman assured that he promises assistance in the issues of providing territory for production facilities, certain preferences regarding local taxes, of choosing forms of organization and even training. "I want to announce that yesterday we launched the single register of VAT refunds, hence there wont occur any problems", the Head of Government said and offered Governments help in forming a special working group to accompany the project.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of ŠKODA AUTO Bernhard Maier stressed that he respects the interest of Ukrainian authorities in the implementation of the production project. "I am very grateful for the support. I think that in the next three months we will discuss all the details and options, and design a positive business case", said Bernhard Maier.


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