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PM: A qualitative model of turnover of lands can help to transform the entire economic model of Ukraine from resource-based to that based on production
07.04.2017 | 15:15

The establishment of a qualitative model of the market turnover of lands in Ukraine which is developed in the interests of the citizens of the country can help change the economic model of the country, namely to replace economy dependent on raw materials to that basing on creation of value added. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at the Forum "Government under the Microscope: Yearly Results and Challenges".

"In Ukraine, the land market has been discussed over decades, but no one has yet offered a model of the land market. And we understand that in this rather pressing issue for Ukrainians this matter needs to be approached with some sensitivity and wisdom. The model that we can introduce provides for the right for sales for physical persons and restriction of the sale by hectares - it can be a quality beginning of the reform. And even speaking about this format there are solutions that allow to include the turnover of land into tools facilitating economic growth", said the Head of Government.

He stressed that the developed vision of land turnover should be introduced and it is timely. "It is in the interests of citizens and in the interests of developing farms. This is the key to our success, competitiveness and increasing employment. This step will allow us to shift from the model of the resource-based economy to that based on production", emphasized the Prime Minister.


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