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Ukraine is ready to host international high-level sport competitions, says PM at the meeting with representatives of EAA
11.05.2017 | 18:48

The Government of Ukraine devotes considerable attention to the development of physical culture and sport, to participation of our athletes in various international events, and today our country pledges readiness to host various high-level sports competitions. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman issued such a statement during the meeting with representatives of the European Athletics Association.

He recalled that in April of this year, Kyiv had hosted at the highest standard level International Ice Hockey World Championship Division 1A; Men EUBC European Boxing Championships with participation of the top 500 boxers from 42 countries will be rolled out in Kharkiv in June; 2017 European Diving Championships will be held in Kyiv.

The Head of Government thanked colleagues for overwhelming support , adding that the activities on hosting of international sport events in Ukraine are a core priority in the Medium-Term Action Plan, which contains essential priorities of the Governments activities up to 2020. The achievements of the priorities will be ensured due to a new fiscal policy and further financial decentralization, which has enabled regions to increase revenues, and consequently, to allocate funds for the development of physical culture and sports.

We are engaged in the process of developing the mechanism of cooperation between state and public organizations, hence will allow to ensure effective planning of budget expenditures, to allocate extrabudgetary funds, to improve the efficiency of organization and quality of sporting events," emphasized the Prime Minister. He drew a peculiar attention to the fact that the expert support regarding fight against dope in the sport will be of paramount importance for Ukraine. Moreover, I want to express gratitude to the European Athletics Association for consulting assistance on issues of reforming sports sphere of Ukraine, underscored Volodymyr Groysman.

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