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Volodymyr Groysman during the presentation of work of the river police: By investing in logistics of the police we invest in the safety of citizens
19.05.2017 | 13:08

The Government will improve material and technical provision for the units of the National police, as this is contribution to the safety of Ukrainian citizens. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the ceremony of the launch of operation of the river police of main department of the National Police in Kyiv in collaboration with the special CORD rapid response corps.

"We must invest into the safety of the citizens, into special unit. Logistics should be a priority for all units of the National Police. The National Police, Criminal Investigation Department, officers, local police officers who work with people, special forces, investigators who conduct criminal investigations – all of them must be provided with the following: a normal salary, normal equipment, fuel and lubricants, - everything necessary for them to get to the site of accident at any moment and ensure the safety of Ukrainian citizens. That what we are to invest in”, said the Prime Minister. “I am a staunch defender of the National police, those units that engage in providing security of Ukrainian citizens."

The Head of Government focused attention on the work of the river police. He got acquainted with the transport and water equipment of the new unit and watched the demonstration by employees of the CORD Department of a response exercise with a task to liquidate perpetrators and free hostages on the ship.

The Prime Minister also announced that the technical capabilities of river police will also be strengthened: in cities with large reservoirs there will be provided necessary equipment to be used in water, and special units will promptly respond to events and patrol the area. "You are now responsible for the safety of the citizens of our State”, said the Head of Government appealing to the police. “It is crucial to ensure the citizens could feel safe in the streets. Well-being, tranquility in the Ukrainian villages, towns, cities and in general in the State depends on you. I'd prefer neither on land nor in water criminal could find his way, every one who plotted evil could feel things were getting hot for him. It's your duty, your dignity, and that's something you have to cope with. You have to be worthy of those who every day fights for our independence. I wish you luck, health and I wish you always return to your families safe and sound".

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