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Volodymyr Kistion spoke about the strategic role of Ukraine in the supply of gas to Europe and the threats posed by decisions on pipelines Nord Stream-2 and OPAL
02.06.2017 | 12:11

Ukraine possesses one of the most powerful gas transmission systems and is among the main countries transporting gas to Europe, though the project Nord Stream-2, as well as a decision for the Gazprom to increase transit gas via OPAL pipeline are considered to jeopardize not only the energy system of Ukraine but also energy security of European countries.

This was emphasized by Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion in his statement at the forum "Energy Security for the Future: A New Vision, Strategy, Innovation."

"I want to stress that Ukraine is one of the most powerful gas transit countries. Ukraine plays a strategic role in the transit gas deliveries to Europe. It is contained in the Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic Energy Partnership, signed in November 2016", stressed the Vice Prime Minister.

He reminded that Ukraine has a powerful complex of underground gas storage facilities with the total capacity of about 32 billion cubic meters.

"The communication of the gas transportation system with underground storage facilities enables to accumulate gas reserves and use them efficiently if necessary", said Volodymyr Kistion.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, preservation and modernization of Ukrainian gas transportation system is important not only for Ukraine but for European countries as well.

Ukraine wants to maintain and upgrade the existing gas transport system. This is both in its national interests and in the national interests of all European States – to provide a high level of energy security. Therefore, we are eager to attract investors from Europe to retrofit the gas transport system”, stressed the Vice Prime Minister.

At that Volodymyr Kistion drew attention to the problems that need to be addressed on the international level.

"It still remains sensitive for Ukraine an issue of implementation of the project Nord Stream-2 that is politically motivated and economically unjustified. Its essential goal and end result – to weaken Ukraine and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe by destroying the Ukrainian transit. It will obviously enhance the monopoly of Gazprom and therefore reduce the energy security of both Ukraine and Europe", announced Volodymyr Kistion.

He placed the emphasis on the decision on the pipeline OPAL enabling Gazprom to boost transit volumes.

"It is a matter of concern the European Commission decision permitting Gazprom to use a greater capacity of the OPAL pipeline thereby increasing the volume of transit of natural gas through the Nord Stream bypassing Ukraine", said the Vice Prime Minister.

Volodymyr Kistion made an appeal for solidarity and balanced decisions.

"Common obligations under the Association Agreement, the Energy Community Treaty and the Memorandum of Strategic Energy Partnership between Ukraine and the EU provide for the formation of a new level of solidarity and mutual support, in particular as regards the scope of critical energy infrastructure", concluded Volodymyr Kistion.


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