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Prime Minister about cooperation with the IMF: We fully comply with the schedule and talk about change in the country to protect the interests of citizens
05.07.2017 | 18:16

Ukraine and a key loaner of our State - the International Monetary Fund - are implementing a cooperation program and have no problems in the joint work, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman told to media people in London.

He stressed that recently disseminated information on the possible postponement by the IMF to grant Ukraine another tranche should not be treated as a proof of any problems.

"Lets not overreact in this situation. It is about reforms and pursuing reforms. We are working on the pension reform to protect interests of Ukrainian pensioners, we are working to increase the effectiveness of state-owned companies management and to ensure the sale of those [companies ed.] inefficiently used by the state aimed to have investment and new jobs. We're talking about change", said the Prime Minister adding that the reforms "are vital for both Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens".

The financial support for Ukraine is also important, according to Volodymyr Groysman, although there have been observed growth of the National Banks of Ukraine foreign exchange reserves and strengthening of the economy.

"We are making headway within the planned figures. We are working. Together with the Parliament and the President, we will implement the action program", said the Prime Minister.


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