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Olexandr Saienko: Progressive professionals who are able to provide new quality of public administration should come to work in the civil service
28.08.2017 | 14:47

The civil service reform seeks to attract thousands of new and qualified people to join the system of the public administration. They should give a new impetus to the said reform and provide new quality of management solutions. This was announced today by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Olexandr Saienko on air at the ICTV channel.

«First of all we have to attract those who are the best professionals in a particular field. These are people with very strong analytical skills, with experience of transforming large structures and implementing successful projects in business or public sector. We also call on all acting civil servants to take part in contests», the Minister claimed.

Competitions for new posts will be held transparently. The Government with the support of the European Union has attracted an international recruiting company, which will also evaluate the candidates. The competition commission, except civil servants, will include representatives of the public and competitive examinations will be held with video monitoring.

«Proactive and innovative professionals who understand what needs to be done and most importantly, how to do it should take part in the competitions», he underlined.

«We have created a single on-line resource, where people can apply for a job at the state service on-line, a job vacancy portal and vacancies will be posted starting from September, meanwhile the portal operates in testing regime. It should be noted that persons can already become familiar with a list of necessary documents, requirements for candidates for various vacancies and fill out an application form, etc.», Olexandr Saienko underscored.

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