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Volodymyr Groysman called on Australia to deepen cooperation with Ukraine, to launch new investment projects
02.10.2017 | 12:10

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman invited business circles of Australia to enhance investment activities in Ukraine and expressed interest in increasing trade turnover between the two countries, which has soared by over 56% as a result of seven months of the year. The Head of Government of Ukraine said during a meeting with the President of the Senate of Australia, Stephen Parry, who is visiting Ukraine for the first time.

“Referring to geography we are far away, but at this specific historical period we can deepen our partnership. I wish to assert our striving to enhance our diplomatic and political ties, as well as to intensify our economic cooperation,” stressed Volodymyr Groysman, “I believe we should seek mechanisms to collaborate in the economic sphere, as nowadays we have greater potential in bilateral trade than we demonstrate."

He expressed gratitude to the government of Australia for their principled position in supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the extension of the sanctions regime against the aggressor country, as well as technical and financial assistance in solving the problems of internally displaced persons.

"In a certain historical period, we were brought together through a catastrophe. I speak about the MH-17 tragedy, and we pledge we will do our utmost to bring those responsible to justice. It is our commitment to ensure the trial conducted and a verdict passed. And I'm talking about it with a special feeling, as at the time of the tragedy I headed the commission to investigate the event," the Head of Government stressed.

In his turn, the President of the Senate of Australia drew attention to the fact that the people of Ukraine and Australia, in fact, have much in common. "We care about the sovereignty of our countries and express our gratitude for the cooperation in investigating the MH-17 tragedy," said Stephen Parry.

During the talks, the parties discussed the progress of reforms in Ukraine. "We have achieved macroeconomic stabilization, almost all sectors of the economy are showing a growing trend, which means that we are open for foreign investment," noted Volodymyr Groysman.

He emphasized that the agenda for reforms is full - from the introduction of changes in the education system and the completion of a judicial reform to the implementation of plans in the pension reform, which is expected to be approved by the Parliament in the coming days.

We have also embarked on a course towards energy independence by 2020, it has passed over 600 days since we abandoned importing Russian gas, instead we are increasing our own production,” the Head of Government informed, “We are developing alternative energy, hydropower, nuclear power capacities. We are well aware of transformations badly needed for the the state and we are advancing to achieve the goal."

Stephen Parry commended the efforts of the Government of Ukraine on the path of reforms. "Your course towards energy efficiency and the development of alternative and hydropower industry sparked our interest. We are always glad to cooperate and express readiness to explore new opportunities for trade partnership. We will prolong work with Ukraine, and our discussions can be productive," the Australian parliamentarian stressed.


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