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Volodymyr Groysman:The payment of increased pensions tiggers today
11.10.2017 | 11:29

The law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Pensions Increase" approved by the Verkhovna Rada and signed by the President, came into force, and today, on October 11, the process of calculation and payment of retirement payments starts. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the Government sitting on Wednesday.

«Today the law came into force. We launch the process of paying higher superannuation. The whole system is ready», the Prime Minister stressed.

He emphasized the introduction of a new system allows people to receive fair pensions. «Our steps encapsulate the following: the pension amounting UAH 949 will become history, the minimum pension will make up UAH 1452. No one will receive less. Starting from this month we abolish taxes on pensions for working pensioners. We cancel it, people will receive pensions to the full extent. Moreover, more than 5.4 million pensioners will receive over UAH 200 surplus to their pensions. In total, the new system will provide an opportunity to raise pensions for more than 9 million retirees», Volodymyr Groysman emphasized.

In his speech, he cited  concreted examples of raising pensions for citizens who had appealed to the Government with a request to recalculate pensions.

«The system is shaped in such a way that a person who has a large labour experience will get high pension payments. At the same time, automatic pension recalculation will be introducedbeyond any political influences», underscored the Prime Minister.


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