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Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine on the Day of Dignity and Freedom
21.11.2017 | 09:00

Fellow compatriots!

On behalf of the Government I congratulate You on the Day of Dignity and Freedom!

In the modern history, Ukrainians have twice gathered in Independence Square to protect their European choice, dignity and freedom. During the second Maidan, four years ago, there took place events which led to radical transformations in Ukrainian society. As counterbalance to the brutality and total pressure of the ruling regime, the entire nation stood united in order to prove that the path of Ukraine is European civilization, and it is our right to determine the future.

At present, Ukraine amid difficulties stays committed to the reform path in almost every social and state sphere. Ukraine's cooperation with Western partners, first and foremost, the European Union and North Atlantic Alliance has reached a qualitatively new level. The Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine unveils the opportunity to deepen trade, economic, energy integration with the European Union member states and in parallel to bring national legislation in line with the European law. Ukraine continues to expand the free trade zone with other Western countries that enables the country to boost an economic upturn, intensify competition and encourage domestic enterprises to open new markets. Cooperation with NATO has never been so intense and fruitful - in the future the Ukrainian army will meet the basic standards of the Alliance.

Despite the challenges, inter alia the annexation of Crimea and hostilities in Donbas unleashed by the Kremlin-backed militants as well as resource, economic, industrial, infrastructure and, above all, human losses as a result, Ukraine had endured and overcome crisis phenomena. We spare no efforts to ensure that economic growth does not lose the momentum. The financial sector has been stabilized. Minimum pensions and wages are improving. Medical and educational reforms have kicked off. Roads are being modernized. The decentralization process that enables to accumulate resources and powers on the ground and create opportunities for the development of the regional economy and social sphere remains in focus.

The Day of Dignity and Freedom is an exceptional holiday because it encapsulates months of unprecedented courage, sacrifice and pluckiness of our citizens - men and women, the elderly and the young, people with different political views and cultural preferences, speaking different languages and with different faiths, who had shown to the entire world their resolute opposition to arbitrariness, lawlessness and subterfuge. At the same time, it is a holiday of memory about the heroical deed of the newest Ukrainian heroes, the holiday of our unity, our indomitable will! Together we will change Ukraine, because nothing will break people in whose hearts there is a place for the lofty ideals of Prosperity and Freedom!


Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!


Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman

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