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PM calls on local leaders to give a sharper focus on economy on the ground
04.12.2017 | 21:19

After the introduction of the first stage of decentralization reform and the delegation of enormous powers and financial resources on the ground, the time had come for local leaders to assume responsibility and to give a sharper focus on local economic issues. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on air of 5 TV channel.

"There is an ample opportunity to make decisions in the interests of communities, moreover there are necessary funds. But local leaders should develop economy on the ground," the Prime Minister stressed.

He placed a special emphasis on the fact that local government revenues can not be augmented at the cost of reduction of central budget revenues - through mathematical redistribution of funds , this is not a real reform. At the same time, skills to accumulate profit, to use land resources efficiently, to attract investments, to open new businesses and to create new jobs that will directly fill local budgets are indicators of the second stage of the reform.

"It is vitally important to create new enterprises, to saturate the domestic market with high-quality products at fair prices, to lobby interests in foreign markets. Business access to resources is a competence of local authorities. It is possible to achieve a success if there is a transparency and understanding of the need to develop the economy. We have something to work on, but we will ensure (high level) of local governance responsibility," the Head of Government stated.

Apart from that, Volodymyr Groysman emphasized that all decisions being taken on the ground should be transparent, and the leadership ought to be accountable to their communities. According to him, the mechanism of the election will become an effective tool to prevent any signs of corruption on the ground.



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