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Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
06.12.2017 | 09:00

Fellow Ukrainian citizens!

On behalf of the Government I congratulate You on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

The Ukrainian army today is a source of pride of the entire Ukrainian nation. Our troops, our young generation, men and women demonstrate unconquerable will, patriotism and faithful fulfillment of the military oath, when they heroically defend the Motherland and stand for the countrys independence and territorial integrity in the east.

Only four years ago, as a result of impunity and dismantlement of statehood, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were on the verge of collapse. We remember the unprecedented volunteer movement, which is still doing its utmost to provide our fighters with everything they need, we remember the courage and resoluteness of our defenders and military officers, especially in the first two years of the war, when the enemy used force against our state.

At that time, the whole country had faced a formidable task - to modernize the army in conditions of hostile aggression and active hostilities. And now we have every reason to be proud of the Ukrainian army: today the Armed Forces of Ukraine are capable of performing the tasks of the highest level of complexity, and our soldiers and officers are high-qualified specialists. The Ukrainian Army has become one of the strongest armed forces on the continent today and one of the 30 best armies in the world. And the essential thing is that in society the respect for their defenders and their risky profession has increased, and at the same time the social status of servicemen is steadily increasing. It's especially heartwarming to watch how hundreds of people with flowers solemnly greet military units that return from rotation in the area of Anti-Terrorist Operation to their homes.

The core objective for the Government is to ensure that by 2020 the Armed Forces of Ukraine must meet all the basic standards of NATO. I am adamant that we will be able to achieve the planned and, in the medium term, to reach the strategic goal of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

I express my immense gratitude to all soldiers and officer personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the conscientious and brave performance of military duty and protection of the Motherland. Let us forever cherish the memory of those who gave lives, protecting their homes and our country.

I wish all soldiers of the Armed Forces good health, professional growth, good fortune and safe journey home!


Glory to Ukraine!


Glory to the Heroes!


Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr GROYSMAN



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